Meeting the Human Body

by Jenny Wickford

I was privileged to meet physiotherapist Dr Jenny Wickford in 2016 when she attended a dissection with me in Newcastle.  Her enthusiasm and sheer passion for her subject, that of treating and studying the human form, has been humbling.

She recently attended the ten day dissection class in St Andrews undertaking some incredible dissection work on the female reproductive system which is her specialist area of treatment.

From Sweden she expresses herself he second language of English in a remarkable way and this piece is a superb tribute to her experience and to her belief in the importance of the dissection process.

There are many who will never understand the relevance of performing dissection to assist the understanding of therapeutic, body based interventions.  The idea that everything there is to know is already in many books, persists in the minds of therapists and anatomists alike.  There are however many ways to view a body, dead or alive, and by stepping to the side of what we consider ‘normal’ and looking at form in a way that takes us out of our existing and deeply held experiences, we can see new things in a new way.

I am grateful for Jenny’s thoughtful and detailed examination of this subject and hope you will enjoy reading it. You can download the PDF below.


Meeting the Human Body PDF