In these drastic times, different approaches to teaching and learning are called for and I am delighted to be able to offer some of the content of my worldwide dissection classes in the form of webinars for the first time.

Thank you to our Donors:

I believe I am unique in both the field of manual therapy as well as human dissection.  My approach to dissection is to keep the process as practical, grounded and evidence based as possible, enabling you to take away information that will enhance your practice and benefit your clients.  Donors to medical schools donate their bodies on the basis that people will learn from them and that the living will benefit.  People often assume that once they donate their bodies, it will automatically be gratefully received.  Sadly this is not the case and many donors are rejected by their chosen medical school for a host of reasons.

This is why I am so incredibly proud that virtually all our donors are such people who would not have been accepted and who end up in the loving care of the amazing people who come along to learn from them.  The respect with which are donor teachers are handled and the beautiful send of we give them at the end, leaves few unimpressed by the process and our dissection classes have been hailed by members of every host institute we have used as being the best and most respectful classes they have ever seen.

Now you can take part in this incredible process and receive insights into the human form in ways otherwise impossible.