Anatomy for Manual and Movement Therapists

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Excellence and generosity

I have attended Julian’s special Tuesday evening lockdown series of dissection webinars from the start and they have been the highlight of each week. Having attended a 5-day live dissection with Julian and Gary Carter three years ago, which itself was mind-blowing, these webinars have continued to reveal the amazing human body under the skin. Julian’s passion is contagious! Each week, there is a traditional/classic anatomy presentation, followed by dissection videos with commentary by Julian. Each week, Julian poses questions that challenge traditional thinking and he shows gaps in currently held truths. All of this is very generous as it is clear Julian goes to great lengths as he prepares the content for each webinar. Each week, there are helpful handouts for further study, and his approach is inquisitive, friendly, and fun.

Are you a movement or manual therapist, interested in finding out what you’re really touching and feeling?
Our Webinar series will change the way you see the human form

Over the last 12 years Julian Baker has been teaching dissection classes all over the world and has gathered a unique insight into a different view of the human body that will help manual and movement therapists gain a more joined up understanding of anatomy and how it relates to function, movement and therapy.

In this unique series of webinars, he will be going over some of the major aspects of anatomical form, questioning some of the conventional wisdom and ideas and bringing a new way of thinking about anatomy more relevant and logical to hands on therapists and movement practitioners.

As well as leading dissection classes, Julian has been a hands on therapist for over 30 years and has an insight into anatomy and physiology with a specialist view on connective tissue  that is unique in the world today.

In order to make this information as accessible as possible in this difficult time for many therapists, sessions will be kept to a low cost with many more sessions being free or by donation.

Each page also allows for a voluntary donation to make free places available to others.

Julian Baker

Julian Baker has worked in the top medical schools and universities around the UK, gaining plaudits and praise wherever he has run a class. His approach of shaking up traditional anatomy and reframing it in ways that relate to the field of manual and movement therapies has brought him a world wide following and plaudits from every corner of the anatomical and manual therapy field.

“His depth of knowledge is bottomless. His perspective of commonplace aspects of the human body is so unique that anybody
listening to him cannot be but mesmerized.”
Sanjoy Sanyal, Dean of Basic Medical Sciences at All Saints University, St Vincent

“Julian is a superb teacher who challenges your way of thinking and viewing the body… and other aspects of life in general.”
BL. Trust Pilot Reviewer

“Everyone appreciated not just your incredible depth of knowledge, but your personable and approachable manner of presentation.”
Debra Patten, Director of Anatomy, Newcastle University 

“In my thirteen years of running courses, it was just about as good as I’ve seen in terms of etiquette, professionalism, dignity and respect to the donors.  Julian’s teaching was second to none in terms of core content and his delivery.”
John Garnham-Davies Manager,
Clinical Skills and Competency Centre, Nottingham City Hospital.

“A relevant application to furthering clinical practice.”
Dr Ian Scott, Nottingham University Hospital

“Professional, courteous and knowledgeable and runs his courses with the utmost respect.” Thomas Cosker MB ChB MSc (Tr Surg) FRCS (Tr&Orth)
Director of Human Anatomy,
University of Oxford 

“I have found dealing with Julian and his students an absolute pleasure. They take care of themselves and have the upmost respect for the donors staff and facility.”
Rob Mifflin, Head of Mortuary
University of Oxford

The Brainchild of Julian Baker

Functional Fascia is dedicated to exploring the world of human movement and function through the processes of dissection and body reading.

Julian Baker


Our current dissection classes have moved online! We hope to return to a normal schedule of hands on classes in 2021.
In the meantime, please take advantage of our new project, 6 days of Live dissection for £150.

The Note Taking Dvd

Poor notes put you at risk.
Learn how to ask the right questions, gather relevant information and build clear markers to show the week-to-week changes that you initiate.

Each class we run, we make recycled lab coats available for delegates to hire, with all the proceeds going to WaterAid.  This year so far we have raised over £400 to build wells and access to water to help some of the 650 million people worldwide who live without access to clean, safe water.


Julian is a great teacher and very funny. He has a fantastic knowledge of anatomy and makes even the most boring
body part fascinating.

Sara Pugh


Julian is a great tutor. He explains things in detail and visually which is so helpful for the dyslexics among us.
Every body worker would benefit from at least attending his course.

Linda Freeman


The way you (Julian) are teaching is really profound.

Robert Schleip