Ten Day Dissection Class
St Andrews, Scotland
July 15-25, 2019
A fascinating journey into the network
of the human body.


Katowice, Poland
5 Day Classes
24-28 June
23-27 September
A fascinating journey into the network
of the human body.


Colorado Springs, USA
2 x 3 day classes

11-13 & 16 – 18  September

With a weekend to explore the
Garden of the Gods

One Day Anatomy on Cadaver Classes with Julian Baker


Dates throughout 2019
Specialist Subjects 

Functional Fascia By Julian Baker

Aimed at integrated, allied health professionals working in a physical therapy setting, a dissection class will change your view on the human form, enable you to help your clients more effectively and cement your anatomical understanding.
Julian Baker has been a hands-on therapist and teacher for over 25 years and builds these classes specifically to help therapists to better understand their own approaches and become better clinicians.

The Brainchild of Julian Baker

Functional Fascia is dedicated to exploring the world of human movement and function through the processes of dissection and body reading.

Julian Baker

British Fascia Symposium 2018

Functional Fascia is a partner for the British Fascia Symposium 2018. This event is designed to give therapists, body workers and movement specialists, a hands on, practical over view of fascia and fascia related subjects.

Julian Baker


A rare opportunity to fully dissect the human form. Led by Julian Baker, one of Europe’s leading experts on connective tissue function and dissection, this is a remarkable series of workshops. It will be open only to qualified bodyworkers and allied health professionals or those with a relevant qualification.
For two day classes, please click here

The Note Taking Dvd

Poor notes put you at risk.
Learn how to ask the right questions, gather relevant information and build clear markers to show the week-to-week changes that you initiate. Study this resource and you will achieve better results, improved outcomes and have happier clients.

Each class we run, we make recycled lab coats available for delegates to hire, with all the proceeds going to WaterAid.  This year so far we have raised over £400 to build wells and access to water to help some of the 650 million people worldwide who live without access to clean, safe water.


Julian is a great teacher and very funny. He has a fantastic knowledge of anatomy and makes even the most boring
body part fascinating.

Sara Pugh


Julian is a great tutor. He explains things in detail and visually which is so helpful for the dyslexics among us.
Every body worker would benefit from at least attending his course.

Linda Freeman


The way you (Julian) are teaching is really profound.

Robert Schleip

2018 dissection course dates now available

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