CPD For Craniosacral Therapists

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) For Craniosacral Therapists

Many therapists in the therapeutic industry are required to undergo a certain amount of continuing professional development hours per year, so why don’t you?

CPD allows you to keep up to date with new skills and knowledge within the medical industry. This development can be in the form of lectures, seminars, courses and practical sessions. Basically anything that can help improve your development and knowledge as a therapist.

Since many therapists work on their own, working with others allows them to exchange information and knowledge about their profession. There is no better place to do this than with our hands-on dissection classes that take place regularly all over the UK.

Why Should You Undertake CPD?

Undertaking continuing professional development has plenty of benefits for both your patients and yourself. These benefits include:

Benefits for Patients:

  • Improvement in the quality of care provided to patients
  • Improved confidence in your skills and abilities
  • Improved patient relationships

Benefits for You:

  • An opportunity to improve your medical knowledge and career
  • Improved relationship with professional groups
  • Greater awareness of developments in the field of medicine
  • A greater understanding of the human body

Our Human Dissection Courses For Craniosacral Therapists

Here at Functional Fascia we offer a range of courses for Craniosacral Therapists looking to improve their skills and knowledge within the industry. All of our courses count towards your 15 hours of continuing professional development and are offered over a range of 1 to 10 days.

1 & 2 Day Courses:

These shorter courses are hands-on dissection classes which are perfect for those working in the fields of therapeutic treatment such as Craniosacral Therapists. Working only on the torso areas of the donated cadavers, these courses are considerably more cost efficient than the 5 or 10 day classes. They might be cheaper, but you still get the full hands-on dissection from a world renowned tissue expert Julian Baker.

5 Day Courses:

The 5 day courses offer a more in depth study on the human tissue and skin. Over the 5 day course participants will watch Julian perform a full body dissection including the heart, diaphragm, spinal cord and brain. Perfect for hands-on bodyworkers such as therapists, these courses give you the time to explore the tissues you feel every day and develop a different view of the body as a functioning unit.

10 Day Masterclass:

If you want the full dissection experience featuring special presentations from guest lecturers, then this is the course for you. Most dissection classes are 5 days long and while they offer a great experience and a wealth of knowledge, it can still feel there isn’t enough time to cover everything. Our 10 day masterclass courses allow you to discuss and reflect on the week before starting again on the Monday. This gives you extra time to catch up on your notes, talk to other students and bring your own ideas to class to explore.


Why Should Craniosacral Therapists Take Our Courses?

There’s no better way to learn something than getting hands on. Our practical dissection courses offer a tremendous amount of knowledge to therapists working in all areas. Ranging from our shorter 1 day courses to our in-depth 10 day masterclasses, each course contains a detailed step by step dissection by tissue expert Julian Baker.

Who is Julian Baker?

Your instructor for the dissection courses will be one of Europe’s leading experts on connective tissue function and dissection. Julian Baker has been organising and running tissue dissections across the UK for over 10 years and has plenty of experience in the medical profession.

Having worked closely with Gil Hedley Ph.D. on his intensive 6 day integral anatomy workshops, Julian is a seasoned teacher with over 20 years of experience in various tissue fields.

“Julian is a great teacher and very funny. He has a fantastic knowledge of anatomy and makes even the most boring
body part fascinating.” – Sara Pugh

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