The Ethics of Dissection

Dissection and Ethics. Who Makes the Call?

It can be hard for someone not invested in the process, to understand why dissection is either necessary, or what the process entails. There is understandably, an emotional component surrounding the fact that the cadavers we are dissecting are people who gave their bodies up specifically for the purpose of learning, study and enquiry.  For the most part this emotion comes not from the potential donors themselves but from the sensitivities of those dealing with the business of who should or shouldn’t be allowed in a dissecting room. (more…)

Anatomy Trains. Fact or Fiction?

Some years ago, when I was testing the ground as far as my hands on work was concerned, I met a man called Tom Myers.

This was done primarily by going to New York and sitting in one of his Anatomy Trains classes, having firstly attended a London class.

He subsequently came to the UK and ran some workshops with me for my Bowen people.  I have to say that Tom from the outset was someone I admired and thought of as an incredible teacher, thinker and leader.  I still think that, so let’s not get any ideas that somehow I don’t like Tom.  I do. Immensely.