Adventures in Spirals

Welcome to the Functional Fascia site that I hope will map the journey into fascial awareness over the next few years.

I started my journey in to the role of the connective tissue we call fascia, when introduced to the concept by Hans Thijssen an inspirational therapist and human being.  The next natural step along the journey was to spend time with Tom Myers, who had written the work of genius that is Anatomy Trains.  It was time well spent and an important step along the way for someone starting to seek a new way of understanding a complex area.

Whilst in New York with Tom, a man called Leslie Kaminoff pointed me in the direction of Gil Hedley and it was here that I found not only my soul mate, but my subject. Gil is not a ‘fascia’ man as such, but instead calls himself a Somanaut.  Just as an astronaut dedicates himself to exploring outer space, so a Somanaut dedicates him or herself to exploring the inner space of the human form.

A field that has been devised would be encompassed by the term integral anatomy, and it is this  nomenclature  that I happily adopt here. Over the years of working with Gil, I have found my own style and method of working and explaining what it is that we are seeing. I am a very functional and practical dissector.  I encourage my students to translate what it is that they are seeing and cutting into an understanding of what they are feeling experiencing when working with the living.

The adage is to dedicate the merit for the benefit of others and I hope that this translates into a thoroughly rewarding experience for all those that attend.

In the coming years I hope to be able to accept specific donations from those whose form I have mapped before their death. In this way we will be able to explore experience how patterns have been laid down through life and have affected other functions and patterns of movement throughout the body.

In the meantime I welcome you to explore and contribute as you feel able.