Muscle, Fascia and Anatomy

This week I’m excited to announce another special guest to continue our exploration into all things muscle. Chris Peil, a renowned PT and Sports Rehabilitator who has worked with a variety of clients including Olympic athletes will be here putting the world to rights, answering some vital questions and discussing what our muscles do, how they get injured and what we all need to do to look after them.

Muscle physiology such as Motor Units, fast twitch muscles and the difference between loading and stretching.  

Muscle function and ageing.  As we get older, muscles need to do different things.  How do muscles change in age and how best to manage this in ourselves and others.

Size, strength or power? Do we need big muscles to be strong and what’s the difference between strength and power?

Nutrition and hydration- Is a protein shake really necessary and what are the mistakes and myths that get in the way of muscle growth and repair.

Recovery – can we speed recovery up? What can we do to support this process? What’s the difference between muscle wastage and atrophy?

And lots more. Don’t miss this important webinar for anyone who works in and around fitness, therapy, movement or rehabilitation. 

My Pilates students have loved my renewed enthusiasm for dealing with their issues through functional movement.

Ruth Larkin – Pilates Instructor

A chance to learn from a master of anatomy in an easy and accessible way.

Kylie Williams – Bowen Therapist

This webinar series has by far been the most fascinating and eye opening CPD

Tom Sheppard – Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist

They have been stimulating, energetic and packed full of information to get your brain ticking.

Sophie Vowden – BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy

Julian Baker

Julian Baker has thousands of hours of dissection experience as well as 30 years as a Bowen Therapist and is the principle instructor of The College of Bowen Studies. His focus is always a whole body approach with movement and manual therapists in mind. He is an expert member of the FHT as well as a member of The Anatomical Society, Institute of Anatomical Sciences and the Fascia Research Society. These webinars are a chance to share his hours of videos, photos and discoveries from the lab and help you improve your practice and understanding of the body in a practical way that will transfer directly to your practice.
Julian Baker

Chris Peil

PT, Sports Rehabilitator and creator of Movewell
Chris Peil is a Sports Rehabilitator and specialises in working with people who have injuries, illness and chronic pain that is, as far as the medical community is concerned ‘managed’.  Meeting client after client whose pain was still a problem, Chris develops personalised programmes that sees results and his testimonials prove it!  He utilises exercise to assist people in pain management, rehabbing injury and performing better in sports and life. He has a client base of world record holding strength athletes, world champions and Olympic medallists all the way to lovely old dears in nursing homes. But the principles stay the same. He is a BASRaT registered Graduate Sports Rehabilitator, a graduate member of the STA, a full member of BASEM, an NSCA registered CSCS and TSAC-F, as well as an MSc in Sports Medicine.

Julian Baker