Pelvic Floor Fascia and Anatomy

The Pelvic floor is a phrase we take for granted.  We understand that it is in the pelvis and relates to the reproductive system, attaches to the coccyx and so forth.  But is it really a floor?  There are quite a few structures that attach to it and go from it and around it that aren’t included in the catch all of the pelvic floor muscles themselves.

So what are these structures, do they play a role in pelvic floor function and why aren’t they included?

In this webinar I will be joined by Jenny Wickford PhD, a Swedish Physiotherapist specialising in this area.  We will look at some of the traditional anatomy and break down some of the myths and ideas surrounding the pelvic floor and examine how we can think about it differently.

My Pilates students have loved my renewed enthusiasm for dealing with their issues through functional movement.

Ruth Larkin – Pilates Instructor

A chance to learn from a master of anatomy in an easy and accessible way.

Kylie Williams – Bowen Therapist

This webinar series has by far been the most fascinating and eye opening CPD

Tom Sheppard – Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist

They have been stimulating, energetic and packed full of information to get your brain ticking.

Sophie Vowden – BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy

Julian Baker

Julian Baker has thousands of hours of dissection experience as well as 30 years as a Bowen Therapist and is the principle instructor of The College of Bowen Studies. His focus is always a whole body approach with movement and manual therapists in mind. He is an expert member of the FHT as well as a member of The Anatomical Society, Institute of Anatomical Sciences and the Fascia Research Society. These webinars are a chance to share his hours of videos, photos and discoveries from the lab and help you improve your practice and understanding of the body in a practical way that will transfer directly to your practice.
Julian Baker

Jenny Wickford PHD

Jenny Wickford PhD
Jenny Wickford is a Swedish physiotherapist, educator and health enthusiast with an international heart, and a love of the outdoors, rock climbing, yoga, cycling and hiking. Her particular interest professionally is pelvic pain and dysfunction. She has a broad range of experience, having worked in Sweden, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, in public and private contexts, with humanitarian development work and in universities.
Julian Baker