Julian Baker and Guests

A ten day intensive human dissection masterclass


St Andrews School of Medicine, Fife, Scotland July 13th – 23rd 2020

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This is the class I keep coming back to.  Every time I learn more and every time my treatments improve. 

AJ Therapist


About The Course


The facility at St Andrews is a brand new state of the art building, beautifully lit, and set on the East Coast of Scotland, a few hundred yards away from the beach. We have use of a break out room for tea and coffee and will be running some guided palpation and movement sessions alongside the dissection, to better understand what we are dissecting at each stage.
We usually arrange for self catering accommodation to be available for delegates in student hub housing, enabling costs to be kept down. If available, this can only be booked through us when enrolling on the course. There are however no end of excellent hotels, B&Bs and apartments in St Andrews, as well as a very cheap hostel. Please ask for details when enrolling. All dissection courses are open to bodyworkers or other suitable qualified or experienced practitioners. You will be asked to provide a brief CV on application. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.
Julian Baker has been running dissection courses for twelve years and teaching hands on body work for over 25.  A skilled presenter and lecturer, he is renowned for his sense of humour and ability to see a different side to most subjects.  Julian claims to be a facilitator rather than an anatomist.  “I’m learning the job every single time I do it wrong.” he says.


In order to keep costs down and the class as accessible as possible, each year we have perviously booked out student flats on site at St Andrews. Each flat has five en-suite bedrooms and a shared, well equipped kitchen and lounge, where you can socialise or not as you wish. The apartments are a ten minute walk from the beach and the medical school and have proved enormously popular over the last few years. Other accommodation is available in and around St Andrews.

St Andrews is a beautiful town, and has a wide variety of eating places to cater for all pockets and has a lively feel to its historic streets.

On Thursday or Friday, weather depending, we will all head off  for a barbecue on the beautiful sandy beach that sweeps along the bay, made famous in the film Chariots of Fire.  The post barbecue international football match last year was won, after much cheating and complaining by the UK side!  We also host a Pub Quiz night, a source of much controversy and interesting team names

On the Saturday night we book a local restaurant then head off for Scottish country dancing, where everyone has the chance to let their hair down before a well deserved day off on the Sunday.

The number of people coming back year after year is testament to the experience on offer at this remarkable class.


Course Contents

Each morning a group session discusses what will be happening that day, and reflects on the experiences of the previous session. We will explain what is happening each day, and will lead dissections at certain points.  There will also be specialist guest lecturers who will give short presentations on their specialist subject as it relates to the days projects.

The group will also have additional tutors on hand to assist and guide. Breaks through the day will allow for tea, coffee and of course lunch to be taken.

Most dissection classes are five days long and whilst these are an amazing experience, there is sometimes the feeling on the last day, that there is lots left to explore. With the ten day class, there is the opportunity to have a day off, reflect on the week, then start again on the Monday. People are able to bring their own ideas and projects to class as well and have the luxury of time to be able to fully engage with areas of interest.

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“It changed so much for me, it’s hard to explain right now. This class allowed me to fully understand what I have been feeling all these years. It’s a must for all hands on therapists. I’ll be back!” JL Massage Therapist

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