Robert Schleip


with Robert Schleip and Julian Baker 

Nottingham 10th & 11th May 2018 £375  FULLY BOOKED

A fascinating journey into the fascial network, linking the trunk and legs of the human body with one of the world’s leading fascia researchers Robert Schleip and Julian Baker fascial dissector and trainer.
Join Julian Baker and Robert Schleip in this remarkable one off workshop as part of the British Fascia Symposium 2018. Julian and Robert have taught together before and their passion, warmth and enthusiasm, combined with a depth of knowledge of their subject, guarantees a special event.
There will be two elements to this workshop: classroom lecture and practical and dissection room practical where the elements discussed will be evidenced (or not) in dissection.
While there will be ample room for spontaneous discovery tours driven by emerging questions of the two instructors and also the group participants, a special focus will be placed on the exploration of
  • the 3 layers of the thoracolumbar fascia
  • the functional importance of the newly described ‚lumbar interfascial triangle‘ (formerly called ‚lateral raphe‘ of the lumbar region)
  • practical examination of Jan Wilke’s new evidence oriented review of Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains: does the Spiral Line continue inferior of the iliac crest? And the Lateral Line superior of the iliac crest?
  • Iliotibial tract: why does it only exist in homo sapiens? And how exactly does it fulfill its multiple functions?
  • Iliacus and Psoas: two muscles with multiple functions. How dense and important is their common fascial sheet?
  • How common are fascial adhesions? And what kind of mechanical force application is required to release it in a lifeless body?
  • Distinction between functional and pathological adhesions.
  • How much shearing ability exists between different tissue layers in a healthy body? Where and how can we palpate respective restriction in manual therapy?

Places are limited and will be in high demand.  Please email to reserve a place.