Poland. A new frontier

We were delighted to be invited to Poland last year for the first ever Functional Fascia, human dissection class.  Earlier in the year, I travelled to Katowice to work with the medical school and embalm three donated cadavers with the new soft fix that we now use.  The subsequent course that was then held in May was a spectacular success, with delegates coming from all over Poland to attend.  The university were very pleased and we were immediately invited back for 2018.

Katowice is a mere 50 miles from Krakow and is an industrial city in the region known as Silesia.  The welcome we received in Poland was second to none and the facilities were perfect for the occasion.

For those who don’t speak Polish, don’t worry, neither do I.  The class is taught in English and translated by the remarkable Marius Kurkowski, who refuses to be phased by the anatomical language and idioms I use.  Accommodation is plentiful and cheap as is the excellent food and drink.  With English universities and hospitals reluctant to open their doors to investment in these classes, the welcome and interest in the course content from Polish institutions stands in marked contrast and I look forward to extending my relationship further with the anatomical community there.

To book on this class please email me