One Day Classes For Therapists

One day human anatomy classes March 2020

Central London location 9 am – 4 pm

£200 per day


I am pleased to be offering a series of one day anatomy classes, working on prosected cadavers. These are guided classes aimed at therapists who wish to gain a deeper understanding of various areas of the body.  They are specially prepared areas of the body and although there is no dissection component during these classes, there is plenty of opportunity to handle the specimens.

These specimens have been prepared using traditional anatomical approaches and so will have less of the fascial and connective tissue components that we like. I will however be showing videos and pictures of less prosected material, in order to give more clarity when considering related connective tissues.

Bring questions, debate, discussion and ideas to what are always lively and informative days.

Dates for 2020 are as follows, content will be added any day!

Each day is £200

23rd March 2020

The Psoas:  In search of the mythical core 

What muscular and fascial structures might make up the idea of the core and how have we become obsessed with the psoas as being a key part of this system?  In this workshop we will examine and palpate the psoas in situ in the abdominal cavity, examine the surrounding abdominal tissues and fascia and aim to develop a different view of some of the central areas of the human form.


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30th March 2020

The muscles of the spine: Thoracolumbar fascia, erector spinae and the deep structures of the Sacroiliac

So much of manual therapy involves working on the back.  The muscular layers are surrounded by differentiated fascial structures that join up at some significant areas of the body.  In this workshop we will look at both the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the back, how they connect inwards, outwards, above and below.  We will aim to build a co-ordinated understanding of how the spine and posture is supported and moved by these structures and how manual therapy might influence them.

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31st March 2020

The fascia and anatomy of the lower limb, hamstrings, knees, extrinsic muscles of the pelvis

In this full day’s workshop we will examine the structures of the lower limb and how they blend in to the areas of the pelvis and lower back.  The focus on this is to try and understand load and force distribution as it relates to this area and build a three dimensional understanding of how muscle and fascia are blended in and around the inomonate bone and into the lower back.  The gluteus maximus and how it connects and becomes part of the hamstring group, will be examined and treatment and assessment approaches will be discussed.

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