One and Two Day Classes

Two Day Classes For Integrated Allied Health Professionals.

Please note:  Following the abrupt termination of our contract at Nottingham University Hospital, with no reasons given, we currently do not have a working venue for our shorter courses in the UK.  We are working to rectify this and will post details on venues as soon as possible.

I am delighted to have been invited to teach a series of three day classes in Colorado USA and you can find more details by clicking here.    I will also be running a shorter, four day dissection class in St Andrews, Scotland March 25th – 28th 2019 and you can find the details here.

I am  hopeful that the one day anatomy on cadaver days will restart towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 and we will post dates as soon as we have them.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please click here

These shorter courses are hands on dissection classes aimed at those working in the fields of hands on therapeutic treatment such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports and massage therapists, Bowen therapists and so forth. Please see terms and conditions for more detail. 

Practitioners from other fields of allied health care may be considered for certain classes. Please contact us to discuss this.

All delegates will be required to provide a brief CV and professional reference and to sign a non disclosure contract and waiver form as a condition of attendance.

No photography is permitted.

These courses work on partly dissected cadavers.  Since February 2017 we have been using a Surgical Soft embalming technique for our classes.  For more detail on the difference between embalmed and unembalmed cadavers, please click here.

The donor material we use comes from  donors who’s bodies for various reasons, might not be suitable for surgical courses and might otherwise not be accepted. In this way we are able to fulfil the last wishes of donors and support the ongoing work of donor programmes.

For further information on body donation, please visit the HTA website 

We will be working on the partial areas of the donated cadavers for all these classes.  This makes the classes more cost efficient than the full five day classes, hence the cost.

ALL functional fascia classes are hands on dissection opportunities, where attendees are fully engaged with the dissection process under expert guidance and tuition.  We do not use prosected, heavily embalmed specimens, but examine the structures in situ with all of the surrounding  tissues intact. This is the only class of its kind anywhere in the world.

You will be led gently in to the process and guided  carefully through each of the stages of dissection.  All materials will be provided.

Please contact us for further information or to apply for a place on any of these courses. Conditions Apply

Colorado USA 3×3 day classes covering the whole body and examining certain areas at each stage.  Please click here for more details

Anatomy and fascia of the Lower Limb £350. VENUE & DATES TBC

Hips, knees, lower leg and ankles.  Looking at the connected nature of the leg and how common injuries and presentations might appear.

We will examine and dissect  the knee and hip  joints and look at the structures that rise from the ankle over the knee to create function, movement and potential pain in and around the knee.
It is possible and indeed quite probable, that we will also be faced with hips and or knees where surgery has taken place and if this is the case, we will be able to examine the scarring that takes place in this kind of surgery.

We will discuss current therapeutic interventions and commonly presenting injuries in sport as well as every day life.

Introduction to Fascia and Dissection £350 VENUE & DATES TBC

The word fascia has become so common place that it seems that almost every therapy is now fascial based.  Yet how much do we really understand this highly complicated and body wide connective tissue?

In this class we will look at the role of superficial and deep fascia, their various nomenclatures and functions and some common ideas and approaches for therapy.  We will dissect the layers down to muscle and their coverings and look at common pathologies, injuries and clinical applications relating to the ever popular world of fascia.

This is a hands on workshop designed specifically at those working in a manual therapy setting. You will be led carefully through each stage of the process, with demonstrations and discussions a key feature.  We will look at current scientific thinking and discuss such areas as trigger points, muscle knots and look at common and well known fascial planes such as the ITB and retinacula.

Pelvis and Hips; Fascia and Function £350 VENUE & DATES TBC

The crossing, dense fibres around the pubis as they blend in to the tissues of the abdomen and the complex nature of the gluteus maximus and its fascial connection to the hamstrings and knees, is one that is rarely discussed or illustrated.  Yet at every dissection we see relationships that clearly must have some impact on function and movement.  In this workshop we will explore the variation of these fibres, discuss their potential role and address the differences we experience between classical anatomy and reality.

This workshop will allow you to visually connect up the lower to the upper body in a way you have never imagined and aims to bring a more cohesive and joined up thinking to bio-mechanical approaches.

Foot Dissection for Podiatrists Only £180 Dates for 2018 TBC

A one day dissection class of the foot and ankle on fresh material.   To book on this course, please email [email protected]