The Functional Fascia Webinar Series for Manual and Movement Therapists

One day human anatomy classes for 2020 have all been cancelled due to the closure of our facility following the coronavirus outbreak

I am however very pleased to be offering a series of webinars that will cover all the subjects we had planned for these anatomy days.  The first webinar will be an introduction to fascia, covering what it is where it is and what relevance it has to manual and movement therapies. We will then go through various aspects of anatomy and the process of dissection and look at a different approach to anatomy and how taking a wider view can influence manual and movement therapies.

You can find a list and links to all the webinars by clicking the button below.

We do hope to return to a normal schedule of shorter classes in 2021. Please add your details to our mailing list below and we will keep you up to date with our webinar content and course information as we have it.