Anatomy Professor Ceri Davies

Anatomy Professor Ceri Davies

Anatomy Professor Ceri Davies, Imperial College

Professor Davies has spent the last two years engaged in an active personal vendetta against me, which now has reached a peak with the issuing, on Imperial College letter headed paper, of accusations against me of criminal activity. These false allegations, presented with no evidence whatsoever, has led to further damage to my reputation.

This comes on the back of the use of his position as Inspector of Anatomy for Ireland to block a class as well as misleading his own legal department regarding his relationship with me.  I have absolutely no understanding of why he has taken these steps, and have attempted to communicate with him via email and registered post on many occasions.  I have had no reply to any of my correspondence to him.

I am saddened that whatever disturbance of mind that Professor Davies is experiencing regarding me have now spilled over in to defamatory statements and unreasonable behaviour.  I remain hopeful that at some stage Professor Davies will take measured and reasonable steps to resolve whatever conflict or difficulty he feels he is experiencing and I continue to be open to any form of communication that will enable this.

All of the above is a matter of record and the full details will be published here in due course, together with detailed evidence and copies of the correspondence that Professor Davies has engaged in with others and the actions he has taken.  This has been a systematic and pre-meditated campaign by a senior member of the anatomical community using complete falsehoods, in an attempt to undermine me and my goals of bringing anatomical study to a wider audience.